Monday, September 21, 2009

Cap and Trade Treasury Documents - Were We Deliberately Lied To?

Looking back is not something I usually do but with this Cap and Trade agreement I have to wonder how much trust we can put in the administration that we now have in Washington. Controversy abounds in the cost amount given by the administration for the Cap and Trade agreement. Documents released just last week shed new light by our Treasury Department on what those costs might be. Is this bill something that we wanted to pay for at this time? Why was this administration so interested in getting this passed right now?

President Obama stated that the cost of this program would be about the price of a postage stamp per day for each American.

The Bill was passed in June

The following article was written back in May.

Fact Check

This was in the Wall Street Journal at the end of May

Wall Street Journal

The following articles are just 2 of many that were published at the end of September with the release of these documents.

News Article Cap and Trade

Washington Times Sept 21

Finally here is a video from Glen Beck back in June when the bill was being passed?

I personally do not see how this will help our economy right now. So, why did we pass it at this time. Now I have to question the reasonableness of the health care issues that are now being tossed around. There is only so much money available and we have already used that up by the trillion. I am paying more attention.

Take a look at the documents here
Cap and Trade Documents - US Treasury

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