Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who Are We?

Recently I answered a question on Yahoo. The person involved wanted to know how America, who claimed to be a peaceful nation, could have been involved in so many wars. I began to answer the question and I felt inspired to write the following:

"The United States of America was built on the precepts of Freedom. Our nation is not perfect, nothing is that is man made. We have made our share of mistakes, slavery being among the biggest. However, the Constitution of the United States of America is one of the most inspired documents the world has ever seen. The precepts therein are based on freedoms and the rights of the individual. With that base we are the freest people in the world. We believe that all people should have the same unalienable rights. When we see injustice we generally do not stand by and let it go. It is the same as seeing two people in a fight and one is being severely beaten by the other. Do we watch as it happens or do we stop it if we can.

We have at times stepped in where we should not have. There have been other times perhaps when we have stepped in for personal gain. The majority of the time however, we have placed ourselves in harms way for others. My dad fought in WWII and gave everything he had to stop the spread of the insidious disease of world domination by fanatics. Our involvement is what ended that conflict. Time and again we have been the ones to step in and balance the scales. Have we always been right? No. However, with our base of beliefs we simply cannot stand by.

Smack down America all you want, that is your right, but remember that those rights were laid down by great men trying to set up a system that would last forever and would be a defender of those inspired precepts."

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