Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Question of Time

I think about time lost in a day. There are so many quotes about time and the preciousness of it. Don't waste your time. If you use every moment in time to do good then you will be happy. Don't let a moment of time slip by because you can never get it back again. The moment that time goes by it becomes the past.

I remember finding cocoons when I was a kid that were open. There was nothing in them and I always wondered what had come out of them. Is there another dimension where time has a different measurement. If we could take time and plan each moment then we could really have fulfillment. However to do that would take to much time and would allow for no spontaneity.

I have thought about what it would be like to look into the future and I have decided that it would not only be pointless but it would also scare me. Imagine going back a year in your life and seeing what happens in your life up until this point in time. Think about all of the trials you have faced, as well as sickness and despair. I don't believe I could take it. And yet as time happens one incident at a time we deal with it and are usually strong enough to continue on, leaving our moments in the past.

When I look at my family I remember when my wife and I were young and newly married. Now my children are older than I was then and they have children. Time then can give us posterity. That can be the greatest gift of all if it is important to us. My wife and children are beautiful to me so time in this instance has been good to me.

My body is slowly growing older and it seems that I have more ailments, aches and pains. In this instance time is against me. Who created time, or has it always just been there? When we measure it by our seasons it makes me wonder how many countless measurements there may be on other worlds with different seasonal rotations.

A question that has been asked time and again throughout the existence of this world would be is it possible to travel through time. If so, how would we manage that? Would it be in a machine or through a black hole in space. Can we change our past or future. How fast do we need to go to travel faster than time. Did you know that the sounds that we hear have already happened. Did you know that the light that we see in the sky is very old light? The stars that we see might not even be there. We might be looking at an object that hasn't existed for thousands or millions of years.

All of these things are related to time. Well time marches on and with it we all travel together on this earth. We are all going in the same direction and for some it is easier than others. We need to realize that time holds all of us captive. We do not know how long it will be relative to our existence but I do know that the time that we have is a gift. I am hoping that I can make the most out of it and then move on!


Erin Dooley said...

Time has been good to all of us...and although you are getting old (hahaha)...if I have anything to do with it...time will not be taking you away from me:) Love you Dad!