Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Revolutionary War and Us

I am reading a book right now about the Revolutionary War. It seems to me that with all of the controversy today surrounding the use of the word "God" on our money, in our schools etc that we have forgotten how our country was created. These people back in the 1700's were convinced ( and so am I ) that God led them here and that the Revolutionary War was an inspired event. They fought a war that they felt that they could not win without His help. They won, and they attributed that to His divine intervention. When the papers governing this nation were drawn up the same inspiration guided their minds and hands. Was everything correct and well in the country. The answer to that is no. It never is anywhere. There is the issue of Slavery and the Native American annihilation as well as many others. The development of so many issues and problems to come were wonderful and tragic. That is how the decision making of man effects others. With the good always comes the bad. Without opposition we would never know the difference and thus we would not be able to grow and to learn.

To say that God did not have a hand in the creation of this republic is the same as saying that He had no hand in the creation of this world. He has helped as much as He can without depriving us of the gift of free agency.

We will continue as a people to voice our opinions and to seek to change those things that are correct and right. Some will succeed in that, just as with slavery and other issues of the past. Do not blame God when he pulls his Spirit away from us and leaves us to the undoing of our own future. He loves us and as long as we strive to do what is right and remember Him we will be blessed. When we do not do the things that we know to be true then we have no blessing and we are left to ourselves. That may seem to some that do not believe a good place to go, but to those of us who do believe it is a place that we know holds nothing but loneliness and darkness.