Monday, July 20, 2009

40 Years Ago We Left Our Footprints!

The weekend was an earthquake and an aftershock but my girl flies in today at 4:30. I am anxious to see her. Today is the 40th anniversary of mans first step on the moon. I remember watching it all on TV. I was 13 and I was amazed. I remember looking up at the moon and thinking how strange it was that people from earth were actually up there. It was a very proud day to be an American. Check out this brand new joint venture between Footnote and Gannett apollomoonlanding .

During the time that we landed on the moon Vietnam was going strong. I don't think people realize what a profound effect that war had on our country unless they lived at that time. I guess that is what every generation says about the events that occurred during their lifetime. When I think back on the 60's I think of change. I believe that the moon landing was one of the great catalysts of the technology age that now shapes our world. The astronauts of the 60s want us to go to Mars. I don't know if that is the best direction for us? If we could have faith in God again and believe that He answers our prayers and love us, then we could receive direct council from Him. I believe that each of us has that right, regardless of where we live or what we have done!

Flying high like an Eagle, coasting with the wind in my face and waiting for a plane to land at 4:30!