Monday, August 17, 2009

ACORN and the 2010 Census

As I was answering a question on Yahoo, the topic came up about Acorn's role in the 2010 US Census. I began to investigate on my own, and I felt red flags going up all around me. ACORN wants to be known as an organization that is dedicated to helping the poor in our nation to get a solid and equal foothold in our country with voting and proactively having a voice in local and national decisions that are made. It sounds really good. I agree with that concept. However it seems that where the ideas originally came from could have been a couple of sociologists from Columbia University; Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.

In a nutshell it seems that their philosophy the "'Cloward-Piven Strategy' seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse." You can read more about it below.

The Cloward-Pivin Strategy

The things that have currently happened in our nation lead me to believe that somehow this philosophy has been enacted and has had a large part in getting us where we currently are. Our economic situation is a mess. It doesn't seem to be getting much better when you look at the deep roots of what is being done to solve the problems. We are spending money that we do not have and creating more debt that we have to someday reconcile.

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The ACORN connection has me troubled. Do the roots of this organization come from Columbia University, and did they have in mind from the very beginning to create this economic crisis in our country. Again, the concept of helping those who need our help is a good one. The method involved might not be. In the meantime, if this organization had an agenda that they kept hidden, especially from those that they contract to help, then they are criminals in my opinion. The end does not always justify the means.

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Our current President handled legal matters for ACORN back in the 1990s. What is his connection with this organization? Does it go deeper than that? If so then we need to understand the "real precepts" of ACORN's agenda and President Obama's ties to them. The reason this is coming up is that ACORN was associated with voter fraud in the last election, and now they are one of the major partners in the 2010 US Census. That is a major concern. How brainwashed are the people involved in this organization. Is socialism part of their agenda. Could that be an explanation as to why President Obama is concentrating so much on socialized medicine? I can see no real benefits from it's passage, in helping our economic situation. Shouldn't the economy crisis be the number one focus, along with the wars we are involved in? Why are we all of a sudden in such a hurry to get these medical bills passed? None of it makes sense unless there is a hidden agenda.

The American public needs to demand an investigation. If I were one of the employees of ACORN and these things were hidden from me as well, I would need to know the truth. The last thing someone wants to be involved with is something that will make things worse. I am a concerned American and I need to know the real answers. If this organization had some major part in our economic collapse and all of the misery that the loss of jobs and this crisis has caused, then they need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law! It really doesn't matter whether they felt they were right or not! Again, the end does not always justify the means!!!