Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Pulse of the Nation

What is going on in our country at the present time? What is the agenda? The economy is still in terrible shape. People are still losing jobs. There is graft, extortion and power mongers in all of the different echelons of government. Is the pulse of the nation weakening? It's possible. So what will help her to move off of the operating table and into the recovery room? The people, you and I, are the x factor in the recovery of the nation. What we believe, how honest we are in our daily lives, how much love we have for our families and fellow men will be the difference in our very survival.

In all of the wars that have been fought in the name of freedom, it was not the generals that won the battles. It was the common soldier that fought their way out of the trenches and continued forward, even when the cause seemed hopeless. Some battles were lost, but they continued on regardless of the circumstances. They knew that it was the only way to eventual victory. We not only owe them our freedom, but we need to be like them. We need to see the big picture, not just the single battle that we are involved in. When we are tempted to go against what we know to be right, we need to move forward and leave that time behind us. If the time comes that we lose our jobs, we need to hold our heads high and forge ahead with confidence. The faith that we may have buried in a God that leads our lives and loves us, needs to resurface, and we can't be to proud to call on him for His help.

George Washington

We are the pulse of this country. Each one of us is responsible for the others. Imagine the power available with what I have written. Where are the problems? You might see the person next to you not following the precepts I have enumerated. What will you do then? Will you give up and fall back to the lines in your comfort zone, feeling that one person can not make a difference? This is the time to step up and be counted. Medal of Honors were given to the person that cared so much for his fellow men, no matter how selfish, afraid, upset, or uncaring they might be, he/she would still give their life for them, forging ahead with faith and power.

Alvin York

This generation is responsible for taking care of the next one. Our forefathers came through for us. How can we do any less. I challenge myself and all of my fellow Americans to step up and be counted as worthy to stand with those who have passed on before us, in honor and love. Nothing else matters!