Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Jewish Dilemma!

I just got finished reading a blog that was filled with information on the conspiracies of the Jewish people. It is amazing to me that so many continue to turn their eyes towards this group of people and blame their own and the worlds problems on them!

It is interesting to me how the Jewish people are always looked at as bad guys. Is it because they are such a closely knit group, or is it their divine history? It almost seems to me that we are jealous of them because of the success that they have.

They have been one of the most persecuted people throughout history. As long as they are on that end of the spectrum they do not seem to worry us. In fact at those times we actually feel for them. Once they start to make a little headway, they are moving in on others territory, or they are the major players in every bodies conspiracy theories.

Doesn't anyone else see this as just a little weird? They finally have a place to call home, that was anciently at one time theirs. Of course they shouldn't have settled there because it belonged to others. It was okay for us to move the Native Americans off their land because it was Manifest Destiny, but the Israelis are bad for carving out a niche of their own when they had no place to call home.

They are horrible people because they attack the Palestinians now. Do you think that we would hesitate to invade Mexico or Canada if they were lobbing rockets at us and nothing was being done to thwart it. None of this makes sense to me. Every Jewish American that I have met has been a decent hardworking person.

I don't get it. Can somebody help me out here.
I am not Jewish. I am a devout Christian American with European roots.

"The Holocaust Collection"