Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Were the Founding Fathers Christians?

It is my understanding that those who came over from Europe were associated with religion. Most of those religions were based in Christianity. Did they all believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God? Not necessarily. Did the majority of them believe in God? Absolutely! The reason people came to the New World was to escape tyranny and oppression. Much of that was religious, especially in the early stages of colonization. Did they have a good idea about what the truth really was? About as good as we do today. Not much has changed. We just have more denominations.

Christianity was the moving force. Even the Deists attended church, and they were Christian Churches. I believe the authors of the documents that now define our country were very careful not to include anything that would corral people, or cause religion to be interpreted as running any portion of our country. They were not sure what the truth in religion really was.

Everyone was searching at that time, as they are today. However, they did not forget God in any instance. They included Him and gave Him credit for their success, and for the future success of this nation. As for Jesus Christ and His divinity, they were not sure. The only thing they had to look back on was the persecutions, wars, and degradations of the past that were perpetrated in His name.

The Bible was pretty well accepted in America as the defining history of religion. Again the founders themselves were cautious in this instance. That could have possibly been because of the problems that man's interpretation of the book had caused throughout history. Our founding fathers were men of intelligence and direction. They were men with a vision and a purpose that was beyond their years. I truly believe that God inspired them to that end, and that they knew that. For this reason God is included in the documents.

There will always be conflicting accounts. What the real truth is can only be felt individually. Did God have a hand in the destiny of this country? Personally I believe that He did and that the founding fathers were very aware of this. Do I believe that Jesus is the Christ? I most certainly do. Can I make others bow to that belief? No, and I don't care to. It is a personal journey that we take in this life. We need to respect that and honor that. It is our God given right. That I believe is what the founding fathers wanted to create.

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