Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An Open Letter to Those Who Deny the Holocaust and Compare Isreal to Nazi Germany

To Whom This May Concern!

People have been hurt and mistakes have been made, but to compare the Jews to the Nazi's is absolutely unacceptable, and a lie. In fact, it is thoughtlessness bordering on pure and unadulterated negligence.

The Nazi's objectives were to completely annihilate a race of people for no real reason. They were out for nothing less than world domination. Those who do not believe in a HOLOCAUST are ignorant and careless. The Nazi's were the aggressors with no provocation.

The Jewish People settled in a land that was once theirs. Religious differences caused war and strife in the area. Escaping recently from near extinction they fought and have continued to. When there have been moments of peace with the Palestinians it has been interrupted by Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, and others lobbing rockets across borders and attacking innocent civilians with suicide bombers.

Why is it that the pictures we always see now are only of the degradations to the Palestinians? Why aren't pictures of buses or marketplaces blown up by suicide bombers or rockets launched at Israel, shown alongside of them. A good picture to show would be the Israeli's picking up the pieces in the aftermath. When the Nazi's attacked it was unprovoked. The Israeli's are fighting back just like anyone would!

It never ceases to amaze me how absolutely one-sided a person can be. There are always two sides to every conflict. Looking at it from the Palestinian side of things, I see a people that have been ousted from their land. In the beginning I believe there was a fairly harmonic relationship between the Jews and the Palestinians living in Israel. I believe that they were both thankful to have the English leave. Then hatred for the Jews and their religion in the region spurned more hatred and pressure on the Palestinians that lived with them. More Jews arrived from war torn Europe. As the pressure and accusations increased on both sides it caused a war. Since that time there has been nothing but agitation. The Palestinians are victims of this conflict. They are caught in the middle of a Jewish-Muslim conflict and the Palestinian's home is being used by the Muslims as a place to attack the Israeli's, knowing that they will retaliate. The Palestinians are not strong enough to keep these extremists out of their borders. Then the Muslim world uses the Palestinians as martyrs to sell their wares to the world.

I don't know that there will ever be peace in that region of the world, but to blame it all on Israel is ludicrous, and lacking in judgment as well as fact. I for one am sickened by it all. I do not know all that Muhammad taught, but if he was any kind of a prophet of Allah (God), then he taught peace. Here is an article that I found interesting. Perhaps you will as well.
The Prophet Muhammad's Message of Peace